Take your EVOLVE experience even further with a One-on-One Business Coaching Package with Tracey Walker.

We created this offering because some students find there are questions and challenges they’d like to explore during a series of private and focused sessions. 

If you select this package, within six months you'll get two (2) one-on-one 30-minute sessions with Going with Grace's Program Director and EVOLVE's lead instructor, Tracey Walker, scheduled at your mutual convenience. This experience is deeply personal—leading you through some of the more expansive and intense concepts we cover in the EVOLVE business course. 

The One-on-One Coaching package with Tracey could be for you if you foresee yourself benefiting from a higher level of direct feedback and attention after completing the EVOLVE training.


Purchase your package today and receive two 30-minute coaching sessions with Tracey.


Tracey Walker

Going with Grace Program Director

Tracey is the Going with Grace Program Director, a Death Doula and passionate death-work activist, experienced entrepreneur, and educator. She has spent over ten years teaching in various aspects, from traditional nursing programs to holistic practices, veterinary medicine, death cafes, and death doula training. Tracey is the founder of Let It Be—End of Life Planning, where in her practice, she focuses on advance care planning, abortion doula services, and queer EOL care. During her career, she has worked as an in-patient acute care provider for the elderly, volunteered for hospice organizations, and has facilitated medical clinics in East Africa and the Caribbean, representing the US for the WHO World AIDS Day conference. Tracey sat on the National End-of-Life Doula Alliance (NEDA) board from 2019-2021. She is a Pisces who hates water, thinks we should drink Champagne every day and is a “cat person” until she and her wife Ellie have a lifestyle that will support a dog.