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    Offered at the top universities in the country, this course curriculum is designed to help you build a personal relationship with death based on cultural, philosophical, and historical perspectives.

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    We've created this course to allow you to learn and grow at your own pace. Take your time to learn and integrate the material, or move through with ease. In this flexible curriculum, you can access videos and lessons whenever you want.

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    Each module includes a multi-media lesson complete with videos to review, movies and documentaries to watch, and questions to consider, deepening your relationship with death and thus, life.

Course curriculum

    1. About This Course

    2. The last taboo?

    3. Death Attitudes Questionnaire

    1. International Perspectives on Death and Dying

    2. Cultural Influences on Conceptions of Death and Dying

    3. Customs-Beliefs-Death-Dying

    1. Death and Dying in Contemporary Culture

    2. Death Dying Dead Popular Culture

    1. Historical and Philosophical Shifts in Perspectives on Death

    2. Death and Dying in Contemporary America

    1. Existentialism and Death

    2. Existentialism and Death

    1. What dies?

About this course

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“This course is comprehensive without being overwhelming or repetitive. It is a great introduction to studying/working with Death. I appreciate the diversity in materials (articles, videos...) and it's inclusion of reflection questions. This course has helped me to look at death on a cultural and personal level. I highly recommend this course to everyone.”


“I learned a lot. There were some eye-opening cultural aspects to dying that I'd never been exposed to. I appreciated this exposure as well as the chance to contemplate my own situation more fully. I took this course as I've just lost one parent and the other is close to death. During this period of time my daughter is having a baby. I'm in the midst of the stream of life and death and I want to be less afraid of loss, more open to life and see the connection of living and dying more completely. Thank you.”


“This course gave many different perspectives on death and dying that was educational and worth learning about.”


Contemplating death could be the most enlivening step you will take

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